Regular Show Funko Pop! 3.75 inch collectible vinyl figuresThe crazy critters from the Cartoon Network's brilliant animated series, humbly named Regular Show, has been given the Funko Pop! vinyl treatment and are now available as 3.75" collectible figures from online Funko discount retailer Asylum Hollywood. There are five Regular Show characters making up the complete set of Regular Show Funko Pop! vinyl figures, each of which is also available singly as well.

The two stars of Regular Show, buddies Rigby the Racoon and Mordecai the Bluejay, are present in this Funko Pop series. Joining them are their boss Benson the gumball machine, their Yeti co-worker Skips and the overweight tubby Muscle Man. Purchased singly, each Regular Show character from Funko retails for $9.99 - though Asylum Hollywood often has discounts on their Funko Pop! selection. Funko retailer Asylum Hollywood tends to offer Funko Discounts if purchasing an entire set or series of Funko collectible vinyl, too.

This is the first series for Regular Show as 3.75" Funko Pop! vinyl figures. There has been no word yet, as to whether a second series will be released in the future. Any Funko rumors we stumble across will make its way to the Funko News blog here, have no doubt. The Adventure Time vinyl figures have a second series coming out before Christmas 2013, so we can only hope more Regular Show characters are in the works. The Cartoon Network should be a great license in Funko's future.


Regular Show Bluray - Season 1 & 2If you've never seen Regular Show, you should definitely give it a shot. It's right up there with Adventure Time as one of the Cartoon Network's greatest animated series. Now in it's 5th season, Regular Show's first & second season are available on BluRay for diehard fans. Highly recommended. It's wacky, surreal & hilarious.