Star Wars Funko Pop Vinyl Bobbleheads Series 4The new Funko Pop! vinyl Star Wars bobbleheads have left the Funko warehouse, and are enroute to online Funko retailer Asylum Hollywood. Well, most of them.

Series 4 of Funko's Star Wars Pop! line brings six new characters to Star Wars vinyl collectors, covering both trilogies of films. The one which appears to be delayed is the Pop! vinyl R2-D2 droid unit, which is anticipated to be the most popular in the series. We will update, as details from Funko emerge.

The remaining five Star Wars collectibles include a Lando Calrissian vinyl figure, the dodgy friend of Han Solo from the cloud-city of Bespin. A vinyl Queen Amidala makes her regal appearance, in traditional red robes and a painted face. Admiral "It's a trap!" Ackbar brings us his buggy fish-eyes and perfect 20/20 hindsight. The tiny Ewok named Wicket is also in this series of Pop! vinyl Star Wars collectibles. Finally, love him or hate him - it's a Pop! vinyl Jar Jar Binks bobblehead.

Each vinyl Star Wars bobblehead stands 3.75" tall, has a springy wobbler action for the head, is mounted on a pedestal, and comes in a fine display box. Each of these figures are available singly, but online Funko retailer Asylum Hollywood offers a complete set - at a great discount!

Complete Star Wars Saga on BluRay from AmazonMeanwhile, get caught up with the entire Star Wars saga on BluRay, while waiting for your PoP! vinyl figures to arrive. It's a huge universe out there, and Episode VII will be coming soon! Actually, with JJ Abrams leading the next gen of Star Wars films and Disney's ownership of the franchise... there's gonna be a lot of Star Wars material coming your way.